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// File:          tipdlg.cpp
// Author:  Matthias Toussaint
// Created: Sun Nov 11 19:59:19 CET 2001
// Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its
// documentation  for any  purpose and  without fee is  hereby  granted,
// provided  that below copyright notice appear  in all copies  and that
// both  that  copyright  notice and  this permission  notice  appear in
// supporting documentation.
// This  file is  provided AS IS  with no  warranties  of any kind.  The
// author shall  have no liability  with respect  to the infringement of
// copyrights, trade  secrets  or any patents by  this file  or any part
// thereof.  In no event will the author be liable  for any lost revenue
// or profits or other special, indirect and consequential damages.
// (c) 2001 Matthias Toussaint

#include <tipdlg.h>
#include <qtextview.h>
#include <qpushbutton.h>
#include <qcheckbox.h>

const char *TipDlg::s_tipText[] = {
    "<font size=+2>Welcome</font><p>QtDMM is a small DMM "
    "(Digital Multi Meter) readout software for Linux/UNIX"
    " and since version 0.8.11 for Mac OSX."
    " If you don't want to see the tips of the day you "
    "can switch them of with"
    " the checkbox below this text. The tips can be switched "
    "on again at any time"
     " in the preferences dialog.",
    "<font size=+2>QtDMM can't connect?</font><p>"
    "Make shure you have read/write permission for the device"
    " the multimeter is connected to. In doubt call a:<br>"
        " <tt>chmod a+rw /dev/&lt;device&gt;</tt> (as root).<br>"
    "<tt>&lt;device&gt;</tt> will be something like <tt>ttyS0</tt>"
    " or <tt>usb/ttyUSB0</tt>. This depend on your configuration.",
    "<font size=+2>Quick help</font><p>"
    "Click on the context help button in the titlebar of the window."
    " You can click any of the controls or windows of QtDMM to get"
    " context sensitive help. This works in all windows of QtDMM."
    " Most newer windowmangers support this feature. ",
    "<font size=+2>Preferences</font><p>"
    "To configure QtDMM go to the preferences dialog. The preferences"
    " dialog can be reached by <b>File->Configure</b>", // or through the"
//    " context menu of the main window. Right click the main window with"
//    " your mouse to open the context menu",
/*    "<font size=+2>File dialog</font><p>"
    "Perhaps you already noticed that but the size and position of the"
    " file selection dialog is persistent. Once adjusted to your preferences"
    " it reopens with this size and position.", */
    "<font size=+2>Measuring averaged values</font><p>"
        "If you want averaged values just increase the"
        "\"Sample every\" value in the Recorder settings."
        " If you set it to 10sec and your DMM gives a value"
        " approx. every second, you'll get the average of"
        " the ten last measurements in the graph",

    "<font size=+2>Configuration file</font><p>"
    "QtDMM writes a small configuration file (~/.qtdmmrc). It contains"
    " informations about window settings and other preferences."
    " If you want to get rid of QtDMM don't"
    " forget to remove this file too.<br>If you want to stay with it, you may want "
    "to write an email to me explaining what could be improved."
    "<table width=\"100%\"><tr><td>Matthias Toussaint</td><td><font color=blue><u>qtdmm@mtoussaint.de"
    0 };
TipDlg::TipDlg( QWidget *parent, const char *name ) :
  UITipDlg( parent, name ),
  ui_tip->setPaper( backgroundColor() );
  connect( ui_closeBut, SIGNAL( clicked() ),
           this, SLOT( closeSLOT() ));
  connect( ui_previousBut, SIGNAL( clicked() ),
           this, SLOT( previousSLOT() ));
  connect( ui_nextBut, SIGNAL( clicked() ),
           this, SLOT( nextSLOT() ));
  connect( ui_showTip, SIGNAL( toggled(bool) ),
           this, SLOT( showTipsSLOT(bool) ));
  // count tips
  for (int i=0; s_tipText[i]; ++i) ++m_numTips;


TipDlg::showTips() const
  return !ui_showTip->isChecked();

TipDlg::setShowTipsSLOT( bool on )
  ui_showTip->setChecked( !on );

  m_curTip = (--m_curTip);
  if (m_curTip < 0) m_curTip = m_numTips-1;

  m_curTip = (++m_curTip) % m_numTips;

  ui_tip->setText( s_tipText[m_curTip] );
  emit currentTip( m_curTip );

TipDlg::setCurrentTip( int num )
  m_curTip = num;


TipDlg::closeEvent( QCloseEvent *ev )

TipDlg::showTipsSLOT( bool on )
  emit showTips( !on );

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