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// File:          dmmgraph.h
// Author:  Matthias Toussaint
// Created: Tue Apr 10 17:43:46 CEST 2001
// Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its
// documentation  for any  purpose and  without fee is  hereby  granted,
// provided  that below copyright notice appear  in all copies  and that
// both  that  copyright  notice and  this permission  notice  appear in
// supporting documentation.
// This  file is  provided AS IS  with no  warranties  of any kind.  The
// author shall  have no liability  with respect  to the infringement of
// copyrights, trade  secrets  or any patents by  this file  or any part
// thereof.  In no event will the author be liable  for any lost revenue
// or profits or other special, indirect and consequential damages.
// (c) 2001 Matthias Toussaint


#include <qarray.h>
#include <qdatetime.h>
#include <qpointarray.h>
#include <qwidget.h>

class QLabel;
class QPainter;
class QPopupMenu;
class QPrinter;
class QScrollBar;

class DMMGraph : public QWidget
  enum SampleMode
    Manual = 0,
  enum PointMode
    NoPoint = 0,
  enum LineMode
    NoLine = 0,
  enum CursorMode
    NoCursor = 0,
  enum PopupID

  DMMGraph( QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0 );
  virtual ~DMMGraph();
  void setGraphSize( int size, int length );
  void addValue( double );
  void setUnit( const QString & );
  void setSampleTime( int v ) { m_sampleTime = v; }
  void setSampleLength( int v ) { m_sampleLength = v; }
  void setStartTime( const QTime & time ) { m_startTime = time; }
  void setMode( DMMGraph::SampleMode mode ) { m_mode = mode; }
  void print( QPrinter *prt, const QString &, const QString & );
  void setThresholds( double falling, double raising );
  void setScale( bool autoScale, bool includeZero, double min, double max );
  void setColors( const QColor & bg, const QColor & grid,
                  const QColor & data, const QColor & cursor,
                  const QColor & start, const QColor & external,
                  const QColor & integration, const QColor & intThreshold );
  void setLine( int d, int i );
  void setExternal( bool on, bool falling=false, double threshold=0 );
  bool dirty() const { return m_dirty; }
  void setAlertUnsaved( bool on ) { m_alertUnsaved = on; }
  void setCrosshair( bool on ) { m_crosshair = on; }
  void setLineStyle( int, int, int, int );
  void setIntegration( bool, double, double, double );
  void info( const QString & );
  void error( const QString & );
  void running( bool );
  void graphSize( int, int );
  void sampleTime( int );
  void externalTriggered();
  void zoomIn( double );
  void zoomOut( double );
  void thresholdChanged( DMMGraph::CursorMode, double );
  void connectDMM( bool );
  void configure();
  void exportData();
  void importData();
public slots:
  void clearSLOT();
  void startSLOT();
  void stopSLOT();
  bool exportDataSLOT();
  void importDataSLOT();
  void connectSLOT( bool on ) { m_connected = on; }
protected slots:
  void popupSLOT( int );

  QScrollBar               *scrollbar;    
  int                       m_size;       
  int                       m_length;     
  double                    m_scaleMin;   
  double                    m_scaleMax;   
  bool                      m_autoScale;  
  QArray<double>           *m_array;
  QArray<double>           *m_arrayInt;
  int                       m_pointer;
  double                    m_yfactor;
  double                    m_xfactor;
  double                    m_ystep;
  QString                   m_unit;
  QString                   m_hUnit;
  double                    m_xstep;
  double                    m_hUnitFact;
  double                    m_maxUnit;
  int                       m_sampleTime;
  int                       m_sampleLength;
  bool                      m_running;
  bool                      m_connected;
  int                       m_sampleCounter;
  int                       m_remainingLength;
  SampleMode                m_mode;
  QTime                     m_startTime;
  QDateTime                 m_graphStartDateTime;
  double                    m_sum;
  bool                      m_first;
  QPoint                    m_mpos;
  QLabel                   *m_infoBox;
  bool                      m_mouseDown;
  double                    m_raisingThreshold;
  double                    m_fallingThreshold;
  double                    m_lastVal;
  bool                      m_lastValValid;
  QColor                    m_bgColor;
  QColor                    m_gridColor;
  QColor                    m_dataColor;
  QColor                    m_cursorColor;
  QColor                    m_startColor;
  QColor                    m_externalColor;
  QColor                    m_intColor;
  QColor                    m_intThresholdColor;
  int                       m_lineWidth;
  int                       m_intLineWidth;
  bool                      m_dirty;
  bool                      m_alertUnsaved;
  bool                      m_startExternal;
  bool                      m_externalFalling;
  double                    m_externalThreshold;
  bool                      m_externalStarted;
  bool                      m_crosshair;
  PointMode                 m_pointMode;
  PointMode                 m_intPointMode;
  LineMode                  m_lineMode;
  LineMode                  m_intLineMode;
  QPointArray               m_drawArray;
  double                    m_integrationScale;
  double                    m_integrationThreshold;
  double                    m_integrationOffset;
  bool                      m_showIntegration;
  double                    m_factor;
  QString                   m_prefix;
  QRect                     m_graphRect;
  int                       m_fontHeight;
  int                       m_triggerThresholdY;
  int                       m_integrationThresholdY;
  int                       m_externalThresholdY;
  CursorMode                m_cursorMode;
  bool                      m_includeZero;
  QPopupMenu               *m_popup;
  bool                      m_mousePan;
  void paintEvent( QPaintEvent * );
  void resizeEvent( QResizeEvent * );
  void mousePressEvent( QMouseEvent * );
  void mouseMoveEvent( QMouseEvent * );
  void mouseReleaseEvent( QMouseEvent * );
  void wheelEvent( QWheelEvent * );
  void timerEvent( QTimerEvent * );
  double createYScale( int h, double & ystep );
  double createTimeScale( int w, double & xstep, double & hUnitFact,
                          double & maxUnit, QString & hUnit );
  void emitInfo();
  void paint( QPainter *p, int w, int h, 
              double xfactor, double xstep,
              double yfactor, double ystep,
              double maxUnit, double hUnitFact, 
              const QString & hUnit, bool color, bool printer );
  void paintHorizontalGrid( QPainter *p, double yfactor, double ystep, bool color );
  void paintVerticalGrid( QPainter *p, double xfactor, double xstep,
                          double maxUnit, double hUnitFact, 
                          const QString & hUnit, bool color );
  void paintData( QPainter *p, double xfactor, 
                  double yfactor, bool color, bool printer );
  void paintThresholds( QPainter *p, double xfactor, 
                  double yfactor, bool color, bool printer );    
  void drawCursor( const QPoint & );
  void fillInfoBox( const QPoint & );
  void drawPoint( PointMode, QPainter *, int, int );
  void computeUnitFactor();
  bool computeMinMax( double );
  Qt::PenStyle penStyle( LineMode );


#endif // DMMGRAPH_HH

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