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SimpleCfgGroup Class Reference

#include <simplecfg.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Encapsulates a group (section) in the configuration file.

Groups in the configuration file start with a group name embraced with rectangular braces ([groupname]). The key/value pairs following this group name belong to this group.

Normally you should not use this class but instead SimpleCfg which gives you full control over the configuration file.

SimpleCfg is licensed under GPL

Matthias Toussaint, © 2000 Matthias Toussaint

Definition at line 47 of file simplecfg.h.

Public Member Functions

QMap< QString, QString >::Iterator begin ()
bool contains (const QString &key)
QMap< QString, QString >::Iterator end ()
bool getBool (const QString &key, bool def)
double getDouble (const QString &key, double def)
int getInt (const QString &key, int def)
QRgb getRGB (const QString &key, QRgb def)
QString getString (const QString &key, const QString &def)
QString name () const
 Return group name.
void remove (const QString &key)
 Remove given key from group.
void setBool (const QString &key, bool val)
void setDouble (const QString &key, double val)
void setInt (const QString &key, int val)
void setRGB (const QString &key, QRgb val)
void setString (const QString &key, const QString &val)
virtual ~SimpleCfgGroup ()

Protected Member Functions

void read (QTextStream &)
 Read from QTextStream.
void setName (const QString &name)
 Rename the group.
 SimpleCfgGroup (const QString &name)
 Construct a group with name.
void write (QTextStream &)
 Write to QTextStream.

Protected Attributes

QString groupName
QMap< QString, QString > map


class SimpleCfg

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